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Sales and Stock Prices Rise for New Cars Rise

June 4, 2013 by AutoNet

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According to news reports from the Detroit Free Press, the sales numbers for new cars has been steadily improving for the last three years, and it seems that this growth has finally had an impact on the stock market.

Some of the greatest stock price improvement can be seen with Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and most importantly Fiat which has seen the largest spike of any automotive supplier. In fact, GM and Ford  have seen nearly a 18% and 21% increase  in their stocks, while Fiat’s costs are close 62%. Why is this European automaker becoming so much more popular?

The answer can be found in Fiats buy out the remaining stakes of the Chrysler brand last week. Nevertheless, a good deal of the continued growth is a result of the United States new car sales. As more loan companies continue to offer auto financing to people with poor credit  and other financial problems they simultaneously reinforce the economy and automotive market.

This is not the only cause of the increase in auto stock prices as there are six good reasons that can be utilize, which include:

  1. The expected growth of global car sales to reach 83 million in 2013
  2. Continual growth of U.S. vehicle sales through 2016
  3. Easier opportunities for brand new cars loans
  4. Stronger housing industry in U.S. has resulted in profitable pickup truck sales
  5. Truck sales continue to grow with new pickup trucks from Big Three
  6. Automakers and suppliers have been recording high profits

Of these six reasons, the most important can be found in the financing opportunities and the increased profits with the manufactures and suppliers. With these three types of companies are performing well it is very likely that it will result in the economical improvement that is also predicted.

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