Get Car Financing with Bad Credit

Bad Credit Car Loans

The car buying and loan process can be difficult when you have low credit scores, but the proper assistance can make it easier. There are a number of lenders that offer special car loan financing for people, but none do it like AutoNet Financial.

Thanks to 27 years of experience in car loan services, we have grown familiar with people who need bad credit financing and have a horrible credit score. This combined with our extensive network of auto lenders throughout North America make it exceptionally easy for us to assist an applicant with any credit.


Using Bad Credit Auto Lenders for Loan Approval

Bad Credit Auto Lenders

Many consumers with poor credit scores believe they can only get approved for vehicle loans by using a bank or credit union, but that is not always true. There are several dealers or car finance companies across the country that specialize in auto loans for people with bad credit scores. These lenders tend to feature services such as:

Online Loan Lenders
A number of websites like can provide an easy loan service to people with credit problems. These poor credit lenders offer great stipulations to go along with a fast and simple online application that takes minutes to complete.
Car Lots For Challenged Credit
Shopping at a local dealership may be more time consuming, but it can offer car buyers a great chance to find a vehicle and finance it in the same day. Many fair credit auto dealers offer special finance incentives that can people qualify for financing with any score.
Buy Here Pay Here Dealers
A buy and pay here car lot, also known as a tote the note dealership, can prove to be a quality lending opportunity for people with no credit or who are struggling with very low credit scores. These lenders place little importance on credit checks, and will base your approval on your income and down payment in most cases.

So you clearly don't need to have a perfect score to have a chance to get approved for financing. All you need to do is use one of the proper lending services and you can quickly qualify with ease.

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How Used Car Financing for Poor Credit Can Help

Bad Credit Auto Lenders

Saving money on payments is often a concern for consumers who apply for poor credit financing, as interest rates tend to be higher than that of those with good credit. However, you can receive better payment rates from lenders by shopping for used cars with bad credit, instead of pursuing new auto financing options. Pre-owned vehicles are easily priced lower than a new auto, which cuts into how much you need to borrow from a lender.

Most people save even more money by making a quality down payment, supplying a trade-in vehicle or by using a cosigner. You also receive more lending options when you shop for used autos, and have an easier time rebuilding your credit status with timely payments.

Qualify for No Money Down Loans with Sub Prime Credit

Bad Credit Auto Lenders

For several people with subprime credit the option of making a down payment may not be available to them, but that doesn't mean you can't finance a car. There are certain lenders and methods that can be used to help people qualify for subprime auto loans with no down payment such as:

With a trade-in a dealer will perform a through evaluation of the vehicle to determine its value and attribute that price to your down payment. A cosigner however, is used when you have a close acquaintance with very good credit sign onto your loan to improve your rates and reduce your upfront payment. This person will also be held responsible for paying your monthly charges and have their credit affected in the even that you miss any scheduled payment date.

The Various Areas of Poor Credit Loans
Bad Credit Auto Lenders

By looking into our finance and poor credit tips an applicant can become more familiar with the areas of the financing world. We also touch common things such as no down payment loans with low credit, poor credit car loan financing, credit monitoring and repair advice, and various lending options that should be avoided. No matter what advice or information you need to help you buy a car with a 500 credit score it can be found here.

Borrowers can also look into the AutoNet News section for additional advice on vehicle loans and poor credit situations. There you can find information on tote the note dealers, how repossession affects credit scores, and plenty of additional information on the ins and outs of financing.

AutoNet Financial is different than most online bad credit car loan companies as we offer free auto loans and credit services.