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These are answers to some commonly asked questions about our company and the automotive financing services we offer. If you have additional questions that are not listed below, please feel free to get in touch on our contact us page.

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What are the benefits of using AutoNet Financial rather than going straight to a dealership?

In most cases, if you have credit problems and go directly to the dealership, you are more than likely going to have an unsatisfactory experience. First of all, once they learn that your credit is less than perfect, the way they treat you will change from friendly and courteous to not-so-friendly. Second, they will most likely show you a very low quality, limited selection of cars that are far from the type you may want or need. You can avoid all these unnecessary hassles with AutoNet Financial and feel confident that we will already have you pre-qualified for bad credit auto loans before you walk into a dealership. You will then be treated with the respect you deserve.

Dealers appreciate working with AutoNet Financial because it means almost all the work is done for them, such as verifications, interviews, etc. You will be way ahead of those people who just walk into a dealership with no prior knowledge to the world of special finance. AutoNet Financial has lending sources available that no other dealers have. If you have been to another dealer and your visit was less than perfect, you will now find with AutoNet Financial that you will get the help and answers you need.


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How do I know if I can qualify for a loan to purchase a vehicle?

If you have a job that can be verified, and if you are not currently involved in a bankruptcy, then your chances of approval are very good.

Does buying a pre-owned vehicle really help me reestablish my credit?

Yes. When checking with the credit bureau, many lending institutions look at bad credit auto loans more closely than any other type of loan (other than home loans) to verify your credit standing. Secured credit cards can be helpful - but you really are just borrowing your own money with the glory of having a piece of plastic in your wallet. Buying a car from a "buy here, pay here" lot that does not report to the credit reporting agencies is usually not productive because it does not help your credit record at all.

How is AutoNet Financial Different than most other online companies who offer free services?

Unlike other online car loan approval companies who simply get your credit information and fax it to any dealer, overlooking the assistance, information and follow-through you really need, AutoNet Financial builds a customer profile prior to getting your information to the dealer. We work directly with the lender and dealership to get you approved. We simply do more, and if for some reason you don't get approved, we help you understand what you can do to help your situation. We don't leave you hanging like most other companies who just gather credit information and then "pass it on."