What are the Different Car Loans for Problem Credit?

For many new car buyers the world of credit scores and vehicle financing can be a blur, which are mostly due to the various types auto loans that we as consumers receive from lenders. The different kinds of car loan options for buyers with damaged credit can feature completely diverse interest rates, monthly payments, requirements, as well as the loan term which can also differ between dealerships and out auto finance companies in your area.

Since those of us at AutoNetFinancial.com are aware of how confusing and intimidating auto loan terms with bad credit can be we continue our mission of educating consumers about the car finance process, while also helping you acquire your next automobile.

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Three Main Types of Vehicle Loans

Depending on the current state of you credit score and where you choose to seek an auto loan you could be offered one of two types of loans which can then splinter off into three other main types of financing. The first level features direct and indirect financing, which direct loans are what banks and credit unions tend to offer, while indirect loans can more commonly be found among dealerships and car loan companies.

The other three types of vehicle loans include secured, unsecured, and demand. There are also times when college students use their federal subsidized loans to qualify for auto financing with no credit check auto loans but this is not always accepted everywhere.

Secured Loans
A secured loan is when a borrower offers an asset such as a vehicle or property as collateral in order to receive the needed funds. Once the money has been used to make a purchase the consumer must then repay that loan along with interest. If the borrower defaults on their finance agreement they are liable to have the lender repossess the car or property and resell it to regain additional payment.

Unsecured Loans
An unsecured loan is a monetary loan that doesn't require borrowers to provide any kind of collateral, and can be offered from car finance companies that handle poor credit. Unlike secured loans the interest rates may vary depending on the lender and/or borrower, but are traditionally higher due to limited repossession options that a creditor may have. It is also worth noting that these types of loans and may or may not be regulated by the law, but a lender can choose to sue a borrower if they default or miss payment.

Demand Loans
A demand loan essentially is a more short term loan when compared to it's other counterparts as it also does not include fixed payment dates, and feature a floating interest rate. This means that your APR rates are influenced by the borrower's credit rating, and that the lender can request repayment at any time. Consumers should also beware as these types of loans can be secured or unsecured as well.

How Bad Credit Scores Affect Financing

There are some who think that because they have a below average credit score that can't get approved for low credit financing, but this is far from the truth. Of course it would be much easier to qualify for better interest rates and jump through fewer hoops, but a bad credit history is only one part of the finance process. If you are able to display a good monthly income, a down payment, and possibly utilize a cosigner you can find your way into a reasonable car loan with ease.

In fact there are some instances where you can utilize your job status as your credit for auto financing which will also downplay a damaged credit rating. Also, by utilizing reputable online services like AutoNet Financial you can have an easier time finding bad credit auto loans from lenders and dealerships that centered near your home. So allow us to assist you in receiving your next car loan in manner that is quick, easy, and affordable for you today.

Here at AutoNet Financial we help provide the best tips on where to finance a car with poor credit, which credit monitoring services can best protect your credit score and so much more. We work with local car dealerships and in house financing dealers to find the best auto loans that accept people with problem credit.

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