What Are the Interest Rates for Sub Prime Car Loans?

A number of consumers look to receive good interest rates on sub prime auto loans when buying a new or used vehicle. This is not always easy as the people with higher credit ratings tend to be offered the better rates. However, that ability to finance a vehicle with subprime credit at most companies makes it easy for buyers to get poor credit loans with reasonable rates.

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Lower Rates with Non-Prime Credit

The car buying process has gone through a great change for people who need bad credit auto loans as financial lenders and dealers have become more relaxed. Experian reports that the percentage of consumers purchasing vehicles with non-prime credit scores actually increased last year by nearly 13-percent for new car buyers, and close to 6-percent for those purchasing used vehicles.

A big reason for this uptake in the number of auto loans with sub-prime credit is attribuited to the reduced interest rates and increase of funds offered. Normally, the average percentage of a 60-month loan with nonprime credit would be 4.52% for a new vehicle, but now a person can possibly recieve 4.32% for a lender. Borrowers for pre-owned cars have the chance to qualify for a sub prime loan with rates near 8.48%, which is lowered from it's previous 8.6% from the prior years.

Larger Loans with Sub Prime Rates

As great as it may be to have a reduced interest rate, it is even better when your loan amount rises in spite of a low credit score. In today's economy a buyer with a below prime credit rating can possibly recieve as much as $26,000 for a new car or close $17,000 for a used vehicle. Of course this is all dependant on on's current credit score, the type financing dealer, and whether person is looking for a no money down subprime car loan, which can adjust a person's rates.

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