What Documents Do You Need for Sub-Prime Car Loans?

In order to qualify for financing with bad credit you must provide the necessary documentation for sub-prime auto loans that every dealership requires. Once you have the needed information you can easily begin to apply for auto financing online and be paired with a local dealer withing 24 hours. However, before you can get to that particular stage you must first learn about the major document forms that are needed to help you get approved for a subprime loan.

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Document One: Proof of Monthly Income

One of the top things a buyer has to have proof of in order to be considered for bad credit auto loans is a stable monthly income. A person's ability to produce consistent and adequate funds each month to meet their monthly payments. This usually requires an applicant to brind their most recent pay stubs and/or bank statements to verify their income. In certain situations, such as applying for a no money down subprime car loan,other forms of collateral may be needed to help with securing a loan. Things such as a credit cards, additional loans in your name, as well as a current mortgage can can be incredibly help with making sure you qualify for a sub-prime car loan.

Document Two: Insurance Coverage

After you are able to prove that you have the income to handle auto financing with sub prime credit you must also show that you have insurance documents to cover the vehicle you're about to finance. It's important to already have this in place before visiting a dealership as it will make it easier to convince them to sell you a car, and be able to receive the best possible deal. However, there are circumstances where a lender will allow you to call an insurance provider from their lot and set up your coverage plan, but it's not widely encouraged.

Document Three and Four: Identification and Residency

We live in a time where identity theft is becoming a common crime, which means that car loan finance companies need to see an individual's proof of identification. This is normally a drivers license with your signature, a recent utility bill with your name and address on it, as well as bank statements from the previous two months, which must also have the same information as your utility bill. Certain dealers are also open to using a person's passport, state ID, governement cards, vehicle titles, and stock certificates as proof of indentity and address if you are unable to provide the conventional documents.

Document Five: Trade-in Documents

In the event that you are using another vehicle to trade-in as a substitute for a down payment you will need to have the proper documents as proof of ownership. This includes the following:

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