Pennsylvania Car Loans and Bad Credit

Pennsylvania Bad Credit Auto Loans

Residents of Pennsylvania have trusted us at AutoNet Financial to meet their bad credit auto financing needs since 1997. We have one of the largest networks of new and used car dealers across the United States that can offer in house auto financing. Pennsylvania has very competitive auto loan rates, regardless of any past credit issues.

If you are one of the thousands of people in the Keystone State with poor credit and need some form of auto financing to get into a vehicle; then you have come to the right place. We have a variety of lenders who supply car loans to people with bad credit nationwide.

Auto Financing for Poor Credit Cars in PA

One of the most typical types of lenders would be a direct lender; usually as a bank, credit union or car loan financing company that lends directly to customers. Sub prime loans are a type of car loan for people with bad credit, but direct loans are where you are treated like a cash buyer at the dealership because you will be paying for your loan at a different location. This can also help settle the nerves when determining if you will be approved or denied for the dealers financing options when you can still buy a used car with a Pennsylvania bad credit auto loan.

Direct lenders are a great source of funding when looking for a car finance company; but this only holds true if you have a rather good credit history. These auto lenders have very strict guidelines that will usually deny those people with less than near perfect credit. Here are a few types of loans that a direct lender in Pennsylvania could provide:

  • Private party car finance � This type of auto financing is typically only available to those with the best credit histories, allowing the customer to purchase from a private party.
  • Dealership Franchised Car Finance � One of the most popular types of auto financing; it deals with purchasing your vehicle from a franchised dealership (such as Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, etc.)
  • Non-Franchised Dealer Financing � This type of car loan deals with the financing of vehicles from independent dealerships who do not have with any connection to a new car franchise.

When applying for an auto loan through a used car dealer, realize that you typically are being indirectly financed from a third party lender. Because of this is usually why people with less than perfect credit will be denied auto financing for bad credit in Pennsylvania. Also when getting financed through a third party dealer (such as a bank financing a dealerships car loans) the dealership will typically be allowed to mark up the discounted rate that they get from their lender. But have it be noted that most of these markups deal with prime customers (as most others will be denied all together).

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    If you were to have a popularity contest, indirect lending would win by a landslide when dealing in new or used vehicle financing. This is mainly due to the wide availability of the loans, because banks fund pretty much every car dealer unless advertised otherwise. Because of this each dealership can have its own "dealer markup" on its loans, so search around for the best rates you can find; applying online will also do the same but much faster.

    Typically these third party (indirect) lenders will deal with the larger dealerships, typically only the ones branded with new car franchises but they work with the occasional mega-sized used car franchises as well. Not nearly as many smaller mom and pop dealerships and independent used car dealers get to do business with them. Some of the most common examples of indirect lenders include Ford Motor Credit, GMAC, Toyota Financial and Honda Financial Services unlike the broad spectrum of sub prime lenders. Here at AutoNet Financial we can match you up to the dealers with auto financing for bad credit.

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